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Terms Of Use

"No claim is accepted on http://www.jaincitizenfoundation.com apart from the written letter from Working President of Jain Citizen Foundation"

"http://www.jaincitizenfoundation.com domain, it's server and content is whole/sole product of Jain Citizen Foundation (documented name) and no one can claim for the ownership of http://www.jaincitizenfoundation.com domain, server and content."

"This website is developed with the consent of working president of Jain Citizen Foundation"

"You may terminate your membership at anytime by writing a letter to Working President of Jain Citizen Foundation ."

"In Case we found any complain about you, we will terminate your service anytime without any clarification."

"You hereby confirm that you do not have any objection by receiving any mails, sms, calls from Jain Citizen Foundation and its related companies."

"Multiple profile of the same person is not allowed."

"When you receive contact deatils of the member, in order to harass, abuse, or harm any other person, Jain Citizen Foundation will take such legal action against you."

"In Order to protect Jain Citizen Foundation from any abuse/misuse and, Jain Citizen Foundation reserves the right to take appropriate steps and its sole discreation to protect interest of Member to Member"

"Jain Citizen Foundation Members who subscribe with us hereby unconditionally, irrecovcably confirm that you have read terms and conditions and agree to abide by them."

Promotion / Advertising :

"If you are promoting Jain Citizen Foundation even after you are not eligible to ask any amount from anyone with the Name of Jain Citizen Foundation. If we found you to ask an amount from anyone than it would be against the law and Jain Citizen Foundation will be eligible to take such action against you."

Proprietary Rights:

"This site may contain copyrighted content and if anyone has an issue related to this, please contact us with the authorized person signature with the act of copyright interest."

"Website has its own content, privacy and terms. The photos uploaded on the website with sole discreation of the Member, you can not take any legal action related to this."

"The photos uploaded by the Members is not avaliable to save. In case website get hacked and used with any mishappining than we are not liable to any mishappining."

"If we caught the person than we will take legal action against them with Police Case."

Illegal and Prohibited :

"It is strictly prohibited to upload such content that promotes, racism, physical harm of any kind of any kind of group or individual"

"Provide False Information, misleading or promotes illegal promotions or content that is absuive."

"We will not share your contact details to anyone"

"Charging against the Member Registration, In case we found that person would be liable to face any legal action"

"Do not disclose your password for any abusive activity."

"Displays pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind."

"Violating privacy, creating computer viruses."

"Do not include your contact no anyother place except Contact No"

"Do not provide contact number who is not able to get call or take decision regarding any proposal"

Copyright Policy:

"You can not post, distribute, or reproduce content of website or its name without the written consent of Jain Citizen Foundation with such priority rights"

Member Disputes:

"You are solely responsible for any advertisement/ communication with other member of Jain Citizen Foundation."

"We have reserved the right to take action against any member who do such abusive thing with other members."

"Jain Citizen Foundation is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content or listing posted by the users or information provided by the users"

"Jain Citizen Foundation is not responsible for any kind of loss of relations (including or excluding Jain Citizen Foundation or your own relations)"